Five Engine Mount

The EMK5-124-418-80 Engine Mount Kit allows you to design or convert most any BT80 based model rocket for cluster flights using one 24mm with four 18mm motors!   All FlisKits engine mount kits come with highly detailed instructions to allow for easy construction, super strong mounts and long life.

The EMK5-124-418-80 engine mount uses one BT-50-04 (4 inch engine tubes) surrounded by four BT-20-0275 engine tubes, with engine blocks for each tube, centered in a star pattern with rings designed to fit standard BT-80 body tubes with a 0.021" wall thickness.  Thicker walled body tubes can be used by lightly sanding the centering rings to fit, after assembly is complete.  This mount does NOT include engine hooks but engine hooks can be added to the mount if desired.