SkyAngle Cert-3 Parachutes

   CERT-3 parachutes feature zero-porosity 1.9 oz. silicone-coated ripstop nylon balloon cloth; four 5/8" mil-spec flat woven tubular nylon (2,250 lb. tensile) suspension lines sewn in a continuous, uninterrupted path around the canopy; a 1,500 lb. nickel-plated 12/0 swivel; a heavy-duty 3/4" welded pilot chute attachment ring at the apex.  A size label is sewn on the outside and UV-resistant polyester thread is used throughout.  "How-to-Fold" instructions are included.  (CERT-3 drogues sport three lines and have no pilot ring).




CERT- 3 24" Drogue
Tested* load capacity  1.0 - 2.2 lbs
Surface Area (sq. ft.) 6.3 sq. ft.
Suspension Line Length 24"
Net Weight (oz.) 6.0

*As tested by the Parks College Parachute Research Group. Actual performance can vary depending upon flight conditions and from product to product. Descent rates are normalized for sea level. Measurements are nominal.